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Health Promotion Campaign

Are you looking to promote a health service? Do you need to design and action a healthy lifestyle campaign? PDC can help.

Reaching out to a community about health issues can be a difficult process. You need to promote your cause in a dynamic way to ensure the people you’re targeting take notice. PDC have created many campaigns for NHS Services and local authorities over the years, and we take pride in designing exciting new products to promote and disseminate important information.

In June we worked with the London Borough of Ealing to design and produce an info card and travelcard holder which promoted their “Services for Young People in Ealing” campaign, which includes details of sexual health, drugs and alcohol, education and work advice services. The campaign had to have an engaging style that would appeal to teenagers and young people, hence the choice of a complimentary travelcard holder. The holder and the info card followed the same colour theme, and the info card was specifically designed as a folded, business card size leaflet so that it would be convenient to give away in the holders

Sonita Pobi, Ealing Health Improvement Officer, said: “We were pleased with the way the information cards and oyster card holders turned out. They have been widely disseminated and often referred to by young people. The communication between the Health Improvement team and PDC was very effective and the designer very patient with all the changes that were made”.

Robin Randall, Director at PDC, said “We really love the process of creating a specified design language for public service campaigns. It’s a great opportunity to use our skills to create styles and moods that speak directly to a certain audience, and we have a lot of experience developing products across a range of media which all tie into the same theme.”

If you’re planning a health campaign in your community, why not give us a call to see how we can help it succeed.