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Bleeds and quiet margins demystified

If your printed design includes images, background colours or graphics that extend to the edge of the page then your design must include a ‘bleed’. This is where the artwork goes beyond the edge of the paper that gets trimmed off by our guillotines. Despite our state of the art equipment, there are sometimes small deviations when trimming so if your artwork stops exactly at the edge of your required finished size there is a risk of unsightly white flashes around the edges. Including an extra 3mm beyond the edges of your artwork so it ‘bleeds off’ the page allows for these deviations.

A ‘quiet margin’ is the distance you should allow from the edge of your finished size for important elements such as text, logos or images to be placed to allow for the tolerances when trimming. If your text runs to the very edge of your design any cutting deviation will chop some of it off.
We recommend a quiet margin of at least 5mm around the edges of your design.

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